JULY  15th-22nd  2018

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Will you sit back awhile

'til I sing you a song

T'is not very short

or it's not very long;


It's about the Fleadh Cheoil

down in Ennis you see

So to me will you pay

your attention.


      -Robbie McMahon



A special Fleadh Cheoil na Mumhan 2018 Fundraising meeting will be held at Cois Na hAbhna on Tuesday, February 20th at 8.30pm.


If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding fundraising for the Fleadh please come along and share them with the committee.

Fleadh Newsroom

Interview with Joe Arkins and Tadhg O Maolcatha


Listen back to Cathaoirelach na Fléidhe Joe Arkins and Cathaoirleach, Comhairle na Mumhan Tadhg O Maolcatha being interviewed about Fleadh na Mumhan 2018 coming to Ennis on Clare FM

Joe-Arkins-Tadhg-Mulcahy-696x385 FIDDLE 27655007_602488766767089_120392295997145549_n